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Van Racking

Sortimo Van Racking offers numerous possibilities for diverse makes of vehicle and industry branches.

Why Sortimo ?

Time Management / Saving -
Forgotten tools, damaged goods, as well as unsorted small parts are a thing of the past when you have a Sortimo van racking solution. With this aid to keep order, you can save yourself up to an hour daily, looking for things and rectifying transport damage and so have more time for your customers, family or friends.

Safety -
Sortimo van racking solutions secure your load in case of accidents or during braking in general.  Additionally load safety lashing points are a standard at Sortimo, in order to make the correct lashing as easy as possible for you. Hence we not only save you time, but also increase safety for your goods and especially your life.  

Quality -
Long lasting, robust, proven and sustainable – that is the in-vehicle equipment from Sortimo. Quality is regularly checked in crash and quality tests, confirmed and certified by independent experts.

Lightweight Construction -
The mixture of material used in Sortimo equipment guarantees the highest standard of resilience as well as durability and additionally a reduced net weight. More vehicle payload is possible due to the consequent lightweight construction.  Therefore you can save yourself unnecessary trips and fuel, therefore saving time; at the end of the day good news for your wallet.

Cost Savings -
The investment in van racking solutions saves on costs over the long term. This is firstly due to the time and costs saved on account of organized and therefore more efficient work, and secondly the larger vehicle payload possibilities.

Flexibility -
All van racking solutions can be moulded to meet your requirements. You do not have to settle for any standards. The Sortimo L-BOXX family allows you to keep your tools and material in perfect order and when needed can be removed quickly and reinstalled inside in no time.

Innovation -
Sortimo have always developed trendsetting technologies. With Sortimo you always have the latest development on the market, as an aid to you in your vehicle.


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