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Protective Coatings for Military Vehicles and Hardware

IP 1000 protective polymers are the perfect solution for protecting and preserving mobilized military vehicles and weaponry. IP 1000 has been specially developed with its Kevlar properties for the requirements of armed forces to enhance their operational and combat readiness. The IP 1000 ensures that the equipment maintains its preservation and remains protected and in an optimal operational state when mobilized after the period of downtime. Another of its features is its applicability in extreme conditions including temperate, cold, tropical and desert conditions.

IP 1000 can be installed with the high tech fiber of Kevlar, the same product that the military uses in their bullet resistant vests and armored vehicles. Kevlar helps provide extraordinary tear resistance, allowing you to work your vehicle, components and or equipment harder without damage. Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont™


The air-tight, contour fit, permanently seals and guards your military vehicle from dirt, water and chemicals that cause rust and corrosion.


IP 1000 offers the most UV protection available. This means your armored vehicle, components and equipment will keep its quality color over time and will not fade or "chalk" like other protect polymers liners.


IP 1000 protective liner' unique textured surface keeps your cargo from slipping and sliding. You'll have the peace and satisfaction of knowing that IP 1000's anti-slip surface prevents damage to both your military truck bed and its contents.


IP 1000® is the Worlds Toughest spray on van and surface liner. Independent Laboratory tests show that IP 1000® is 80% stronger than most of it’s competitors

IP 1000 will successfully protect vehicles and equipment from all forms of corrosion and fungus during its lifetime, and is known as the most effective, adaptable, strongest and toughest spray on liners in the industry, solutions applicable for the following:

  • Main battle tanks
  • M-115 howitzer guns
  • M-113 armored vehicles
  • Armored personnel carriers
  • All track terrain carriers
  • Almond vehicle-launched bridge
  • Combat engineering vehicles
  • Small arms
  • Naval vessels
  • Aircraft
  • Military spare parts

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