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Health and Safety

IP 1000 Protective Coatings Health & Safety

IP 1000 specialist paint coatings which has an anti-slip resistant surface which can be further enhanced by additives using various grits or rubber particles to further increase performance and safety dependent on the customer' specific application.

IP 1000 Resists Static Electricity Build Up - Watch the video, this illustrates what can happen when static builds up. This WILL NOT HAPPEN with IP 1000!

What you need to Know?

It is not uncommon for fires or explosions to occur whilst filling metal or plastic fuel containers in the back of pick up trucks with plastic drop in liners, or for that matter other vehicles e.g. vans, trucks etc. These fires result from the build up from static electricity.

The insulating effect of plastic bed liners, carpeting or rubber matting prevents the static charge generated by fuel flowing into the containers from grounding.

The accidents tend to be very traumatic for the victims as well as their family and friends because they cause intense pain and suffering.

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IP 1000 Industrial Polymers have been tested and approved in accordance with Federal Motor Safety Standard FMVSS 302 to provide an acceptable flammability and flame propagation rate for coatings applied to motor vehicles.

IP 1000 Industrial Polymers is totally non- toxic and Food friendly, it fully complies with the Food and Drug Administration Department of Health and Human Services criteria set forth in the United States Code of Federal Regulations - CFR 21 part 170-199 section 177.1680 with respect to food contact. This criteria is internationally recognised.

IP 1000 Industrial Polymers is the only spray liner product tested and passed for direct food contact with verification and compliance to EEC S/1998/1376 Plastic Materials in contact with food legislation. This means that it is absolutely safe for direct food contact including items such as bakery and pastry products, all fruit and vegetables, dairy products, liquid beverages and potable drinking water together with raw and cooked meat products to name but a few.

IP 1000 Industrial Polymers is officially classed as low and well below the proposed new legal requirement for low VOC content classification with the finished product totally VOC free.

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