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Van Lining - Protective Coatings for Vehicles

The Walkden Group is an authorised application centre of excellence for Industrial Polymer Inc. World Wide Network and we have many years of experience in applying the products which are the Strongest and Toughest Coatings in the World to the automotive industry. Now nearly twice as strong as its nearest competitor with the introduction of the EPIC™ range.

Additionally we are the leading North West authorised Ionic Systems Reach and Wash® Installation, Service and Repair Centre.

Product Information
So that you the purchaser can make an informed decision about our spray on liners product performance and integrity, our product is the original and genuine high quality product invented and manufactured by Industrial Polymers Corporation USA. The product is branded and marketed for the UK and European market only as IP 1000 due to trademark laws in the EU; however in the rest of the world it is known as Speedliner™, SL 1000.

WALKDEN Group Ltd pride ourselves on providing a high quality, competitive service within the following areas of activity.

  • World' Toughest & Strongest Spray on protective polymer liner applications.
  • Specialist spray on liners for classic cars.
  • Specialist paint for on & off road vehicles.
  • Strong & Tough coatings for military vehicles.
  • Polymer Coatings emergency services Vehicles.
  • Protective Coatings for all types of components.
  • Ionic Systems Water Fed Pole System installations service, sales & repair.
  • Coming soon - Installation, service and repair of Prochem Industrial Cleaners.

We are able to provide a one stop shop facility for commercial vehicles, pick up trucks plus many other services and project management, whether it be a single vehicle or fleet.

Our Spray on bed liner activities undertake a wide variety of applications both on and off site, we probably cover the largest variety of protective coating applications in the UK.

As a result of continuous improvement and experience we only use quality paints ensuring that you receive guaranteed ultimate performance and reliability second to none.


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